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The Mycelium Underground


The Mycelium Underground (TMU) are organizers devoted to bringing people together for the love of learning and embracing the world of fungi and all with which fungi intertwines. TMU hears the call for more information and different avenues to create community within the world of mycology and social justice. TMU aims to bridge the gaps that are often forgotten within science and education.

It is our goal to help create a safe space for exchanging ideas and information, and a space that promotes equitable participation and communication. We hope to be catalysts for the new paradigm we wish to see: A bio-centric world, where we are intune with ecosystems, and open to folks of all backgrounds and all walks of life. We welcome others who share the passion for fungi, for transparency and for a vision of community driven courses shifting the focus to a more radical and progressive paradigm.

Together, we are the mycelium underground, connecting life, bridging divides, holding space, while offering & sharing with intentions of love, growth and co-existence.


What we are organizing

August 29-Sept 2, 2019

New Moon Mycology Summit

Thurman, NY

Solidarity with Water Protectors!!

The Gerhart family has fought Energy Transfer’s destructive and dangerous Mariner East 2 fracked gas liquids pipeline tooth and nail for the past four years. After facing years of intimidation, harassment, and even incarceration for opposing pipeline construction on their family’s land, the Gerharts are in court challenging permits that should never have been granted to Energy Transfer in the first place. We need your help to cover the Gerharts’ rising legal costs in support of their continued courageous stand against Mariner East.

The Gerharts never gave Energy Transfer permission to build a pipeline through their land, but ETP seized it anyway using eminent domain law. For the past four years, Ellen and her family have been outspoken, compassionate, and selfless leaders in their advocacy against the pipeline. The Gerharts hosted Camp White Pine on their land, a longstanding tree sit that effectively prevented pipeline construction on the family property for 741 days. Show them support!!