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Join us in Philly!

March 24, 2019


Bartram’s Garden

Spend the day celebrating the recent Spring Equinox the way nature intended; amongst the plants, mushrooms, friends & family!


Workshops, Cooking Demos, Guided Nature Walks, Wild Identification, Mushroom + Plant Cultivation, Silent Auction, Art making, Seed Swap, Plant + Mushroom Medicine + Kid Activities


Join us as we celebrate the spring equinox for a day of learning and connecting with a diverse group of people, plants, and mushrooms! The Mycelial Equinox Gathering aims to create an opportunity for people to physically gather to re-energize, learn, exchange ideas, and develop collaborations all with the spirit of mending the disconnects between our culture, our communities, and our planet. Although there will be a focus on mycology, this cross-disciplinary event will be a platform for people from a wide range of expertise to learn from each other and to find common ground. Our vision is to help strengthen the threads between mycology, ecology, and social and environmental justice movements.

This day-long, family friendly event will be taking place in Philly’s beautiful Bartram’s Garden; a natural haven amongst the industry of the city. We will have classes and workshops with topics like cooking & growing mushrooms, the ecological history of the area from pre-colonial times to modern day, as well as seed swaps, guided nature walks, info sharing and networking, and vendors. We are creating a community supported and connected by our love for the wild, justice, and autonomy.

We believe that nobody should be turned away due to lack of financial resources, so the entrance fee is sliding-scale. This spring gathering brings energy and focus to our efforts to spearhead another multi-day grassroots event later in the year. Our core organizers are looking for community involvement and support by creating a space where everyone can come together and participate in discussions, actions, and organizing. We are here to make this educational content accessible for everyone, and hope people feel empowered to support our vision to sustain this accessibility while also bringing instructors from across the globe.

To learn more please take a look at last year’s New Moon Mycology Summit (link below); our long term vision is to sustain and grow this event, and donations from the spring equinox gathering will be allocated to fund the larger summit.

If you’re interested in volunteering, teaching, or vending at The Mycelial Equinox Gathering on March 24, or at the New Moon Mycology Summit from August 29-September 2, please contact us via

We are looking forward to growing our mycelial network with you!

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